Iphone-app_2Contacts receive Alerts from a USER and can access Alert Details through Alerts icon on the main screen

SafeTaG Emergency App by Raise is an Emergency Messaging System that sends Alerts to your selected contacts. Alerts are sent when you fail to tap in (TaG-in) at a predetermined time or immediately when you activate the SOS Alert mode.

GPS is not tracked until the Alert mode is activated. Alert details if you fail to TaG-in include a trigger message you inserted in your TaG program. Trigger messages help your chosen first responders to locate you, even if you are not in an area with data coverage.

Alerts from a USER:

  Are sent at intervals – In a manner and frequency decided by the USER
  Content is determined by the nature of the message and the details of the program
  According to the level allocated to that contact.

Alert details include:

  • Information about the activity
  • Their last know location
  • Residual battery of USER’s device

Programs are designed to allow extra time for user errors and to conserve battery consumption. Program details are standardised using GMT adjustments for international or interstate time differences.

Alert details are accessed from the Alert icon on your main screen and are grouped by the name of the User who is sending the alerts. Alerts are sent more frequently initially then the frequency reduced to help conserve the battery of the users mobile from which the alerts are being updated. Updating the GPS is only done when the GPS changes, again to conserve battery.