SafeTaG Emergency App by Raise

Iphone-app_1Setup and manage your Tap ‘n Go timers or activate SOS Alerts

NOW WITH CONFIGURABLE CONTENT, add your group’s site specific information …


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TaG Timers

  • Select and tap a TaG ‘Set Timer’, or schedule a TaG ‘Set Date and Time’;
  • Describe your activity /set a trigger message;
  • Allocate time to TaG-in by; and
  • Select a group of contacts to receive messages for that Timer.

TIP: give yourself a buffer or use snooze to extend times

Preset Tap and Go

  • In settings go to Preset Tap and Go
  • Describe your activity /set a trigger message and
  • Allocate TaG-in Time
  • Select contacts and save
  • This is suitable for a regular activity

Then each time – just Tap and Go

SOS or panic Alert

  • Tap and activate
  • Instant Alerts calling for help