Corporate Edition


deliver emergency plans, SWMSs and more to the group.

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The power of providing relevant and useful information when needed must be experienced to be truly understood



How SafeTaG controls risk

  Failure to tag-out warning system

raises the alarm even when the user is unable to do so.

  Alerts a range of “contacts” simultaneously

enhancing the likelihood that someone will be able to assist and/or to provide help sooner.

keeping managers and executives informed

  User friendly – so people will use it!

attractive easy to use in your pocket, safety App

single use and repeatable calendar functions to enhance usage

Provides up to date GPS

  GPS Location with easy to use interactive google map

gps co-ordinates

closest street address to enable contacts to describe the location in words

provides USER residual battery

Provides standard useful safety information now experience the true value when you configure your own Content

  First aid information

pre-loaded free content kept up to date, or configure own content

  Chemical/material safety data sheets (SDS)

access to SDS data base online, can configure own provider

  DFAT advice and consular assistance

access to Australian Government Consular contact details and information

  Government travel advice

access to Australian Government Travel Smart website

  Emergency mobile phone number 112

auto directs to local emergency services in the majority of countries

valid in 40 countries including Europe

   Configurable Group Content and more features enquire now for a plan to suit your group(s)

easy to use Raise web console.

link PDFs, URLs or even their own typed instructions.

standard information remains pre-loaded, it can be removed or edited with ease.


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Audit report in Beta now

Statistical reporting and more