Safe TaG is a smart personal safety alert system for parents of teenagers; singles and people living alone; travellers and outdoor adventurers; domestic violence victims; nurses and shift workers; people working in remote or high risk areas and more.

Download the Safe TaG App for your family and friends and keep them safe. The app will raise the alarm when they can't.

Stay safe and download our app!

Estimate the duration

Select who will receive your alerts. Create up to three alert tiers. The first alarm can go to a friend, the second to a close family member and the third can escalate to parents. Or all contacts can be notified to mobilise a more serious response.

Choose your contacts

Allocate time to TaG-in by. If you don't tag in within the time, your contacts will be sent an alert. Use the snooze feature to extend times. 

The main benefit of SAFE TaG is that it does not need you to activate it. It raises the alarm when you can’t.

Your privacy is protected. The app doesn’t constantly track you, unlike some other apps in the market. With Safe TaG, your contacts will only receive an alert if you fail to check in, or when you activate the SOS panic button. They will hear an alarm, be able to see your GPS location, contact details and your remaining battery life, allowing them to take action on your behalf.   

What will your contacts see?

Alerts come into your phone and by email

An overdue TaG-in will escalate a warning to your contacts by both email and phone. If the first contact doesn't respond, an alert will be sent to your second contact, and so on, until someone contacts you. The TaG Alerts and Urgent SOS Alarms sound at regular intervals. The alerts are designed so that they conserve battery life.

Safe Tag App by Raise Personal Safety Alerts

Domestic violence victims

Safe TaG helps all individuals, enjoy safer lives, anywhere in the world. 

Workers in remote or high risk areas and more

Parents of children under the age of 18

Nurses, ambulance and shift workers

Carers of the elderly, disabled or infirm

Singles and people living alone

Users of Safe TaG App

Travellers and outdoor adventurers

Safe Tag by Raise Personal Safety App

Watch this video for a brief overview of how to set up an alert, start the timer, and hear what the alarm will sound like to your contacts.

Watch our quick video and learn what our app can do for you in just two minutes.

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"This app might just be the only one I use daily, so easy to set up my favourite, then just Tap and Go. Started with one contact, now I have groups for family and friends. 

Cheapest life insurance ever!"

Fitness fanatic

"Does what it claims to and is very flexible. It's nice to have a safety net in case of an emergency.

Gives my relatives some peace of mind when I am out and about."

What Our Customers Say

OHS professional

Amanda Karpeles - Founder of Safe Tag App by Raise

Amanda Karpeles is the founder and creator of Safe TaG by RAISE. Amanda is a mother and Australian lawyer with over 20 years’ expertise in workplace health and safety law and a Masters in Health Science. She sold her law firm so she could devote all her time to the project. 

Amanda identified a need for an automated alert system, originally to help reduce workplace injuries. Since then, Amanda has identified other applications for the concept, such as for parents and carers. 

She hopes the app will help all individuals, enjoy safer lives, anywhere in the world. 

Who created Safe TaG?

Health & safety of loved ones is priceless. 

That's why we've kept Safe TaG pricing as affordable as possible.  Download our app today for $2.99 per person. No ongoing subscription fees. 

Keep loved ones safe and well, and have peace of mind, all in one single app.

'Cheapest life insurance ever!'

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