RAISE Crisis & Emergency Management Platform

Broadcast emergency messages, evacuation plans, workplace safety procedures, permits and more to segmented employee groups

RAISEDigital Management continues to make rapid advances in safety – utilising mobile smart phone and web technology.

Safe TaG Emergency Messaging delivers an emergency or incident response plan to workers, even if not on site. SAFE TaG is an integral part of any Emergency and Communication plan for all workers. It adds a layer of support to ensure help can be raised sooner if users are not able to raise the alarm themselves.

It provides emergency messaging and safety information during a disaster such as flood, fire or terror attack. It allows Managers and Executives to co-ordinate their responses in real time.

Staff who are invited to use the app can be configured for work and/or private use.

It is easy and flexible to use. This helps ensure that staff use the app, and helps companies to maintain their duty of care to employees.

Features include

  • Central control of group content, delivered in real time, refreshing content relevant to the group when needed.
  • Supervisors and managers can become members in a management group to receive relevant information during a disaster allowing them to respond in a co-ordinated manner. Invite and receive messages from other important or strategic contacts in other groups.
  • Use of multiple contacts from various groups allows rapid dissemination of information to multiple contacts, simultaneously ensuring comprehensive communication in any emergency.
  • Dashboard operators control first aid and safety content as well as dashboard broadcasts, messages, notifications or information sent to a given group. This two way communication allows Dashboard operators to be informed by individual SafeTag App messages eg, tailored trigger messages or information from users including alerts. Dashboard operators can utilise these alerts to notify other members of the group and guide users through an emergency.

Dashboard operators can:

  • Monitor who is actively connected to their Group, pre-register users or if they invite a target group of users to self-register – users can connect to their relevant SafeTag App Group content using a Code or ‘Key’.
  • Use the dashboard to add or remove content delivered to SafeTag Mobile App for a group in real time, updated when users next access their app.
  • Control different group content, users and tailor the information to the group’s needs. For example create an:
  1. Executive User Group – receive high level notifications regarding the disaster as it unfolds,
  2. Management User Group – receive information tailored to responding in a co-ordinated manner, and / or
  3. General Users – receive open communications or instructions advising how they are being asked to respond to the disaster as it unfolds.

Any number of Groups can be created to meet the needs of any organisation’s size or corporate structure.

Individual users can:

  • Download the SafeTag App and adopt the relevant code or ‘key’ for their group. This is either inserted manually typing the code into the User’s profile or by accepting an email invitation to download the app and join a group by clicking on a dashboard generated pre-registration to a group
  • Users will then complete their registration and insert their safety contact(s).
  • At this point they have instant access to the Emergency messaging features of SafeTag App.
  • A list of users that are part of a corporate group will appear on the Dashboard. They can be removed by the Dashboard operator at any time.
  • Users can set up daily roll calls or use timed programs when working alone or in risky situations.

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The app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones. The app can be activated with mobile phone data or Wi-Fi coverage.

For more information, a demo, pricing, or for assistance with configuring your own group content in the safety and first aid pages, please contact us.

Crisis & Emergency Management Platform by RAISE