Traveling internationally

Hi Amanda,
Just sending some feedback so far on the Safe TaG app.
I’m using it in France and have a couple of interesting points:
– I have no French SIM card
– I have had my phone set to ‘Flight Mode’ the entire time we’ve been in France
I’m really pleased to report that even under these difficult conditions, the app is working extremely well.
It is sending alerts to other Australian SIM phones that are also set to ‘Flight Mode’.
It is also sending alerts perfectly to my colleague who has not installed the app but is receiving alerts via email under wifi.
We have a group of students with us and initially set up a Facebook Messenger group so we could check in on our kids as they are all separate from us in host families.
Sometimes they are with us for day excursions then catch public transport back to their host families. They are supposed to message us via Messenger to confirm they are safely home each time they leave us.
Already this is not working well as the kids sometimes fail to remember to check in or just get busy with their host families. Then we frantically have to message all the others to see if anyone has been in contact on social media.
I can see that with SafeTAG the alert would show us their location whether they check in back at home or not. So we could then confirm their arrival home to their French addresses and (when confirmed) turn off Alerts at our end.
It is incredibly useful as a teacher on a school trip overseas.
I have used the app between myself and a colleague while we tested it.
I think the app is incredibly useful in school contexts… for school trips or even just day excursions. Especially with the ever-increasing requirements of Duty of Care.
Kind Regards,
Teacher, Victoria, Australia