Why do I feel ‘stupid’ using a safety App?

What about an app that acts like an EPIRB and will also raise an alert even if you can’t!

you probably think –  ‘what a fabulous idea’

But would you use it yourself?

 – on a long drive or going camping or visiting clients at home, working on a roof alone…

Now we hear you say –  ‘Oh I don’t do anything dangerous’ or

‘I don’t have time to set up a program when I am working.’

Teens have told us…I would rather die then have my parents find me if I am in trouble

Workers often say… I am careful enough – I don’t want someone watching me

Travelers often say…I will be traveling with a friend…

If you are serious about taking control of your life…

you need to be serious about safety.

Just make sure it is also convenient!


Safety for People Exploring the World