Why do I feel ‘stupid’ using a safety App?

What about an app that acts like an EPIRB and will also raise an alert even if you can’t! you probably think –  ‘what a fabulous idea’ But would you use it yourself?  – on a long drive or going camping or visiting clients at home, working on a roof alone… Now we hear you say –  ‘Oh I don’t do anything dangerous’ or ‘I don’t…

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Traveling internationally

Hi Amanda, Just sending some feedback so far on the Safe TaG app. I’m using it in France and have a couple of interesting points: – I have no French SIM card – I have had my phone set to ‘Flight Mode’ the entire time we’ve been in France I’m really pleased to report that even under these difficult conditions, the app is working extremely well….

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Help us improve SAFE TaG

Safety for elderly

Welcome to SAFE TaG by Raise™. We are interested to hear from you about anything you feel will improve our product… such as features you would like to see added in the longer term. Please let us know what you think. Constructive comments will help improve the SAFE TaG app.

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