What is the chance things might go wrong…

Safety when injured

Almost half a million people are injured in Australia each year – badly enough to be admitted to a hospital …almost 100,000 of these were older Australians, after a fall The rate of injury has risen by about 1% every year since 1999 to 2013.  More males were injured then females in all age groups. The average hospital stay was 4 days. 40% of injuries followed a…

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Drink spiking is most often done as a prank

and the victims are usually Women…   The Australian Institute of Criminology suggests between 15 and 19 suspected drink spiking incidents occurred for every 100,000 persons in Australia during 2002‒2003 more info: http://www.druginfo.adf.org.au/fact-sheets/drink-spiking-web-fact-sheet-3#sthash.3yxBzFWi.dpuf

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