Privacy Policy Raise DM Pty Ltd 2015

Raise DM Pty Ltd values Your privacy in Your personal information and content that You store in our Product(s) and Service(s). This Privacy Policy explains what information Raise DM Pty Ltd and any authorized re-seller (together, “Raise DM Pty Ltd” or “we” and sometimes “us”) collect about You and why, what we may do with that information and how we handle Your information.

What Is The Scope Of This Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into the Raise DM Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions and applies to the information obtained by us through Your use of our Specific Mobile Device Applications or other Product(s) and/ or Service(s). Capitalised terms used in this Privacy Policy not otherwise defined shall have the meanings provided for those terms in the Terms and Conditions.

Acceptance Of Terms

If You are Accessing, Downloading, Using or Purchase our Product(s) or Service(s) You are deemed to have confirmed Your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and our the Terms and Conditions and Your agreement to be a party to this binding contract. You agree to and are bound by this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions and any modified or additional terms that Raise DM Pty Ltd may publish from time to time. If You do not agree to this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions, do not access or use any Product(s) and/or Service(s) including RAISE™ Licensed Application(s) and Web Tools.

You are one party to this contract and the other party to this contract is Raise DM Pty Ltd ACN 603 948 652, a company and referred to in this Privacy Policy and in the Terms and Conditions as “Raise DM Pty Ltd,” “We” and “Our” and “Us”. On some occasions, You may be purchasing Raise DM Pty Ltd products and or services, and/ or Raise DM Pty Ltd Business or Group subscriptions from an authorized reseller. Please review our Commercial Terms for information about additional contract terms relating to such purchases.

We collect and manage Your personal information as described on this page, unless stated otherwise. ‘Personal information’ may include Your name, phone number, email address, together with contact details created by You when using the Product(s) and Service(s) together with location data and some content created during your use of a Product or Service.

Information we may request

We may ask You to provide personal information if You submit feedback to us. We will only do this:

  • to meet Your needs (e.g. answer a question)
  • to help us improve our service (e.g. demographic analysis)
  • if required by law.

Will Raise DM Pty Ltd Look At My Content?

Your privacy in Your content is a paramount concern for Us, and We will only access that content in order to provide our Services to You. There are limited circumstances in which We may have the need to review part or all of Your content, as discussed in this Privacy Policy.

Will Anyone Else See My Content?

We customarily disclose personal information only to our service providers who assist us in operating the Products and Services. We will only disclose personal information to an unrelated third party with your consent, unless required by law.

Except as described here and in our Terms and Conditions, unless You are a member of a Business or Group license, or You elect to enable others to view or have access to the content You or Your Contacts submit to the Service, no one else other than You or a Contact, should see Your content without Your consent.

Of course, if You do elect to publish or share any portion of Your content by authorising access by other users or, sending a message to another including emails, or sharing Your Account Information, GPS or Geo location data with another person, then You would be enabling each of those permitted users or recipients of the content or Account Information to access, use, display, perform, distribute and modify Your content (subject to any understandings or agreements You and such users may work out without Raise DM Pty Ltd ’s involvement).

In addition, Raise DM Pty Ltd enables You to use a variety of third party services and applications that interact with the Product(s) or Service(s) and Your content, and You should review the access rights You provide to those services or applications, as You may enable them to access or extract Your content through Your agreements with those parties. Please refer to the privacy terms and conditions or license agreements of any third party service.

Any content posted in our user forum, is open to any online Raise DM Pty Ltd viewers. Any information that You post in this location can be read, collected and used by anyone and could enable others to send You unsolicited messages. Raise DM Pty Ltd enables You to determine whether or not to post personal or otherwise sensitive information to publicly accessible areas of our site, so You should carefully consider how You use the Service. Raise DM Pty Ltd is not responsible for any publication or use of any Personal Information You choose to post in these locations.

Access and correction

National Privacy Principle 6 of the Australian Privacy Act 1998 (Cth) allows you to get access to, and correct, the personal information we hold about you in certain circumstances. If you would like to obtain such access, please contact us on the details set out below or though the Contact us on our website.

Use and disclosure of personal information

We will not add You to a third party mailing list, or give Your personal information to third parties without Your consent, unless required by law.

In addition we are permitted to use or disclose personal information held about you: and you have consented to the use or disclosure;

  • Where we reasonably believe that the use or disclosure is necessary to lessen or prevent a serious, immediate threat to someone’s health or safety or the public’s health or safety;
  • Where we reasonably suspect that unlawful activity has been, is being or may be engaged in and the use or disclosure is a necessary part of our investigation or in reporting the matter to the relevant authorities;
  • Where such use or disclosure is required under or authorised by law (for example, to comply with a subpoena, a warrant or other order of a court or legal process);
  • Where we reasonably believe that the use or disclosure is reasonably necessary for prevention, investigation, prosecution and punishment of crimes or wrongdoings or the preparation for, conduct of, proceedings before any court or tribunal or the implementation of the orders of a court or tribunal by or on behalf of an enforcement body;
  • Where we are required to comply with demands for information as required by law


Our privacy principles apply to emails and other internet notifications as well. Our internet service provider or information technology staff may monitor email traffic for system trouble shooting and maintenance purposes only, or as required by law.


We may use cookies to collect anonymous statistical information for use in data analysis and to help improve our service to You, including:

  • Your browser activity, computer platform and screen resolution
  • Your traffic patterns through our site, such as:
  • the date and time of Your visit, locational data
  • the pages and documents or links accessed
  • Your mobile or server address.

We do not identify users outside these Product(s) or Service(s), except in the unlikely event, where a warrant or court order to inspect activity logs are issued or We are otherwise required by law.

Transactional services available from this site may use cookies to track business processes. Please read the particular service’s privacy and security statement before beginning a transaction.

Personal information including Your username, GPS location and time of access are recorded and accessible by Group Administrators and/or sent to Contacts selected by you and following a rule in Your settings to monitor Your safety and location for You, either in the App or an associated web tool.

By using this service You consent to the group rules that might be set for You and to the collection and use of data to help monitor and enhance safety and process aspects when using our Product(s) and Service(s) being undertaken by You while you use the SAFE TaG App or an associated web tool.

Website analytics

We use Google Analytics on our website to gather anonymous information about visitors to our website. When You visit our web pages, Your browser automatically sends anonymous information to Google. Examples of the information include the web address of the page that You’re visiting, Your IP address and demographic information. Google may also use cookies.

We use this data to analyse the pages that are visited, to improve Your experience and make sure our website is useful.

You can read more about how Google uses data. You can choose not to allow Google to collect Your information by opting out of Google Analytics or specifically opt out of Google Analytics display advertiser features.


Parts of this Product(s) and Service(s) transmit information securely across the internet. However this is not always feasible. You recognise and accept that there may be risks transmitting information across the internet. A reliable internet connection is required to set and stop programs in SAFE TaG, and some functions operate with location activated.

Where this site contains links to other third party websites and websites of our agents, the privacy or security terms set out there will apply to the material on their websites. Where this site contains links to third party websites and websites of our agents, Raise DM Pty Ltd is not responsible for the privacy or security practices or the content of any such websites.

This Privacy Policy May Change

Raise DM Pty Ltd may need to update this Policy to keep pace with changes in the Product(s) and Service(s), our business and laws applicable to us and You. We will, however, always maintain our commitment to respect Your privacy. We will post any revisions to this Policy, along with their effective date, in an easy to find area of our Product(s) and Service(s), so We recommend that You periodically check back here to stay informed of any changes. We will ask for Your consent to such changes if required by applicable law; in other cases, please note that Your continued use Raise DM Pty Ltd Product(s) and Service(s) or continuing Your account after any change means that You agree with, and consent to be bound by, the new Privacy Policy. If You disagree with any changes in this Policy and do not wish Your information to be subject to the revised Policy, You will need to close Your account.

Finally, when You access Raise DM Pty Ltd Product(s) or Service(s) or use a Raise DM Pty Ltd Software application, that application will request access to certain information on Your mobile device, including residual battery charge and GPS location data.

What Is Raise DM Pty Ltd’s Approach to Information Collected From Children?

Raise DM Pty Ltd does not knowingly collect personal information from children without parental or supervisor consent. Raise DM Pty Ltd Product(s) and Service(s) are not directed to children, and we expect that use by children will only be done with the guidance, supervision and consent of their parents, guardians and/or authorized school officials. Further, we rely on parents and guardians to ensure minors only use the Service if they can understand their rights and responsibilities as stated in our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

Will Raise DM Pty Ltd Contact Me?

From time to time, We may contact You via email with information about product announcements, service offerings that We think may be beneficial to You, software updates and special offers. We also may contact You with information about products and services from our business partners. We consider Your acceptance of this Privacy Policy as Your acceptance of our offer to send You these emails. You will be added to a mailing list for this purpose. You may unsubscribe from promotional emails at any time. You will continue to receive essential Service related and account related information, even if You unsubscribe from promotional emails.

In addition, if someone uses RAISE™ – SAFE TaG to contact You at an email address or telephone number not associated with Your Raise DM Pty Ltd account or through a social media site (e.g., Facebook or LinkedIn) that You have not linked to Your Raise DM Pty Ltd account, then Raise DM Pty Ltd will contact You on the sender’s behalf using that contact method. You are able to unsubscribe from any email contact list.

Information Access and Disclosure

Raise DM Pty Ltd does not sell or rent Your information. Outside of actions You take within the Service to communicate using a Product or Service, to share files or process information, or to authorise third-party applications, We only disclose Your information – and then only the minimum information necessary and when:

  • We have Your explicit consent to share the information.
  • We need to share Your information with service providers who process data on our behalf in order to operate the Service, complete Your payment transactions, and help us communicate with You as described elsewhere in this policy; these providers are subject to strict data protection requirements in keeping with our commitments to Your privacy.
  • We need to share Your information with service providers to fulfill Your product or service requests, including sales, delivery and support for certain products from the Raise DM Pty Ltd.
  • We need to share Your information with re-sellers of a Paid Service or product in order to ensure accuracy in the payment for such Paid Service or product, the management of Your account and the delivery of Your purchase and related support services.
  • We believe it is necessary to investigate potential violations of our Terms and Conditions, to enforce those Terms and Conditions, or where We believe it is necessary to investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud or potential threats against persons, property or the systems on which We operate the Product(s) and Service(s).
  • We determine that the access, preservation or disclosure of information is required or permitted by law to protect the rights, property or personal safety of Raise DM Pty Ltd and users of our Product(s) and Service(s), or is required to comply with applicable laws, including compliance with warrants, court orders or other legal process.
  • We do so in connection with the sale or reorganization of all or part of our business, as permitted by applicable law.

Some third parties’ embedded content or plugins on the Service, such as Facebook or Linked-In buttons on our websites, may allow their operators to learn that You have visited our website, and they may combine this information with other, identifiable information they have collected about Your visits to other websites or online services.

An Administrator Contct (“Admin”) of SAFE TaG does not have access to all content You create in the in SAFE TaG. The Admin can use a link in your push notification or email alert to stop a program you have set up. This is designed to help you when you cannot stop the program yourself. Where you operate under a group license the group administrator may have authority to set up and control default settings in the Product or Services.

What Gets Shared When I Use Third Party Apps With My Raise DM Pty Ltd Account?

Some third-party applications and services that work with our Service may ask for permission to access Your Content or other information about Your account. Those applications will provide You with notice and request Your consent in order to obtain such access or information. Please consider Your selection of such applications and services, and Your permissions, carefully. We encourage You to review each party’s contract terms and privacy policy.

Data Storage and Transfer

When You use Raise DM Pty Ltd Product(s) and Service(s) on Your mobile device, such as by using SAFE TaG, Content You save will be stored locally on that device. When You sync Your mobile device with the Service, that Content will be replicated on a server.

Please be aware that personal Information and content submitted to Raise DM Pty Ltd may be transferred to a third party data centre that you select. If You post information to the Raise DM Pty Ltd sites You are confirming Your consent to such information, including Personal Information and Content, being transmitted to, hosted and accessed according to the rules and regulations that these servers adhere to.

How Can I Access or Correct Information Raise DM Pty Ltd Holds About Me?

If You wish to (i) access any Personal Information that we hold about You; (ii) request that we correct or delete the Personal Information that we hold about You; or (iii) request that we not use or stop using Your Personal Information for marketing purposes, You may contact us at . We will comply with such requests to the extent required by law or our policies, and subject to any limitations in our systems.

How Secure Is My Data?

Raise DM Pty Ltd is committed to protecting the security of Your information and takes reasonable precautions to protect it. We use industry standard encryption to protect Your data in transit. This is commonly referred to as transport layer security (“TLS”) or secure socket layer (“SSL”) technology. However, internet data transmissions, cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure, and as a result, we cannot ensure the security of information during its transmission between You and Us. Accordingly, You acknowledge that You do so at Your own risk.

Once we receive Your data, if stored with us, we protect it on our affiliated servers using a combination of administrative, physical and logical security safeguards. The security of the information stored locally in the Raise DM Pty Ltd software installed on Your mobile device is dependent upon You making use of the security features on Your device. We recommend that You take the appropriate steps to secure all mobile devices that You use with our product(s) and Service(s).

If Raise DM Pty Ltd learns of a security system breach, we may attempt to notify You and provide information on protective steps, if available, through the email address that You have provided to us or by posting a notice on our web site and/or via other communication platforms. Depending on where You live, You may have a legal right to receive such notices in writing.

Information Deletion

If You Want to Stop Using Raise DM Pty Ltd Software or Applications

You can delete content at any time, and You can stop using the Raise DM Pty Ltd Product(s) and Service(s) at any time. If close your account, the content in Your account will not be deleted if stored by us unless You purposely delete that information, and sync Your account before You close Your account.

If You delete Your copy of a message, this action can’t be undone. Please note that deleting Your copy of a message from Your own Raise DM Pty Ltd account won’t delete those messages from the accounts of the people with whom You were communicating.

What Happens If Raise DM Pty Ltd Closes My Account?

If Raise DM Pty Ltd closes Your Service account due to a Terms and Conditions violation, then You may contact Raise DM Pty Ltd to request deletion of Your data, and Raise DM Pty Ltd will evaluate such requests on a case by case basis, pursuant to our legal obligations.

How Does Raise DM Pty Ltd Respond To Copyright Or Other Intellectual Property Violations?

We respond to clear and complete notices of alleged infringement of copyright, trademark or other intellectual property laws that satisfy the requirements in these Terms and to comply with the any Copyright Laws and other applicable laws that apply. If You believe that Your intellectual property rights have been violated, please notify Us and we will investigate. Note that each owner of intellectual property is responsible for protecting their rights and taking any legal or other action they determine to be appropriate to do so, and Raise DM Pty Ltd does not accept any obligation to take any particular action to enforce or protect any party’s intellectual property rights on their behalf.

Where Does My Data Go?

The Raise DM Pty Ltd Service is available in Australia, but our data processing service may take place elsewhere such as in the United States of America. If You use this service, You acknowledge that You may be sending electronic communications (including Your personal account information and content), through computer networks owned by or affiliated with Raise DM Pty Ltd and third parties in other locations and other countries. As a result, Your use of the service will likely result in interstate and possibly international data transmissions, and Your use of the Service shall constitute Your consent to permit such transmissions.

Contact Us

Raise DM Pty Ltd welcomes Your feedback regarding this Privacy Policy. If You have questions, comments or concerns about this Policy, please contact us by email at or via our online form accessed from

Limitation of Liability

To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Service Is Available “As Is.” You expressly understand and agree that:

(a) your use of the service and the purchase and use of any products are all at your sole risk. The service is provided and products are sold on an “as is” and “as available” basis. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Raise DM Pty Ltd expressly disclaims all warranties and conditions of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

(b) Raise DM Pty Ltd does not warrant that (i) the service will meet all of your requirements; (ii) the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free; or (iii) all errors in the software or service will be corrected.

(c) any material downloaded, products purchased from the Raise DM Pty Ltd market or otherwise obtained through the use of the service is done at your own discretion and risk and you are solely responsible for any damage to your computer or other device or loss of data resulting from the download or use of any such material.

Please also refer to our Terms and Conditions.