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SAFETaG is the first in a series of safety Apps designed to keep people safe

Founded in 2015

Founder Amanda Karpeles is an Injury Law Expert and Work Health and Safety Professional with over 20 years’ experience and Co-founder Gloria Vega is an IT and engineering services consultant. Their diverse experience includes forensic investigation of injury occurrence, working with businesses and individuals following injury, assisting in coronial enquiries and providing WHS advice, corporate strategy, operational initiatives, delivering seamless customer service and flow of information.

There is an urgent disparity that needs addressing, between the effort to provide a safe environment and the reality achieved in implementing and providing that in practice.

Primarily there are lacking systems to address personal safety and to urgently communicate when help is needed.

Lack of flexibility to anticipate or discover mishap is frequently a weak link that can be improved with minimum effort through new technologies.



Our Vision

We seek to raise personal safety to a new level using affordable technology

Be an integral part of a new debate that is needed to lift the provision of safety to individuals, that allows them to lift their expectations of regarding safety and therefore increase their participation and acceptance in safety systems

Make available technologies that deliver real enhancements to personal safety thus enabling individuals to move around more freely and with confidence

Provide a way to rapidly send Alerts and share geo-location details with Work and Private Contacts

To help individuals feel more secure when they are out and about or in insecure environments

Using automated cloud based messaging to connect people when needed:

– instant panic alerts – to get help sooner and /or from multiple contact(s)

– a ‘roll call’ or failure to TaG-in warning system to help individuals if they get into danger that prevents them making that call

– sending relevant details automatically to get help sooner